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◊Neal Hyman is appealing to the Nevada Supreme Court (Richards v. MEI-GSR Holdings, LLC dba Grand Sierra Resort, Case Nos. 72526 and 73132) Judge Elliott Sattler’s (Washoe County District Court, Dept. 10) decision to grant summary judgment prior to trial (dismissing the case) against Grand Sierra Resort (GSR). Judge Sattler ruled that the injured plaintiff had to disclose experts prior to the court-imposed deadline to do so, and found that no facts existed whatsoever to show that GSR was at-fault for a defective and dangerous shower in its hotel room, which allowed water to flood the floor. He also awarded the defense costs for defending the case.

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Neal Hyman is appealing to the Nevada Supreme Court (Jimenez v. Blue Martini Las Vegas, LLC dba Blue Martini, Case No. 72539) a defense jury verdict and Judge Stefany Miley’s (Clark County District Court, Dept. 23) decision to award $137,000.00 in attorney’s fees and costs against the injured plaintiff. Regarding the jury verdict, various errors occurred prior to, during and after trial are being asserted. Among those are not allowing sanctions for destroying videotapes, permitting defense counsel to make improper arguments, e.g. the plaintiff is lying and don’t give money to a liar, denying the plaintiff her constitutional right to cross-examine witnesses, permitting defense experts and defense witnesses to lie under oath and misrepresent building codes and what was approved as to code violations, allowing irrelevant and prejudicial evidence to be admitted and considered by the jury, a jury verdict inconsistent with the evidence, ignoring jury instructions, filling out the wrong jury verdict form, etc. A motion for new trial was denied by Judge Miley after the jury verdict was returned. Regarding the award of attorney’s fees and costs, Judge Miley decided that the plaintiff was required to accept an offer of judgment prior to trial which did not compensate her ‘any money’ for her serious and permanent back injuries (confirmed by doctors and MRI’s) and also which blamed her for 50% of the fall).

◊October 4, 2016 Neal Hyman went to trial against Blue Martini

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◊On September 26, 2016, Neal Hyman is going to trial against a well-known lounge/nightclub in Las Vegas, Blue Martini.  The plaintiff fell down a dangerous and inconspicuous step on a short staircase.  Three code violations are alleged, e.g., poor lighting, short step and improper handrail.  These conditions still exist today.  The plaintiff fell and seriously injured her back, wrist, knee, ribs and ankle.  She has future medical and other costs exceeding one million dollars.  Her past medical bills exceed $114,000

◊Neal Hyman obtains settlement with Lamplight Village at Centennial Springs Homeowners Association for $1,950,000

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◊Neal Hyman is voted a top Southern Nevada lawyer by Vegas Inc. – 2013 Vegas Inc Mag Cover

◊Neal Hyman is acknowledged by US Senator Reid for being voted a top Southern Nevada lawyer – 2013

◊Neal Hyman obtains a settlement with a hospital involving a sexual assault by one of its staff on a patient – settlement amount confidential – 2013

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◊Neal Hyman argues against a Writ before the Nevada Supreme Court

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◊Neal Hyman obtains AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell, Preeminent Lawyer, Highest Possible Rating for Legal Abilities and Ethics – 2011

◊Neal Hyman represents multiple homeowners regarding defective Kitec pipe fittings

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◊Neal Hyman represents multiple homeowners in Mesquite with hillside defects

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◊Neal Hyman obtains a judgment against realtors and a builder for $750,000

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